Name: Managing African Research Network (mRAN).

Background and Focus:

Managing African Research Network is an international group of scholars interested in Africa’s development. It is organized in a network whose intention is to promote, disseminate, and stimulate high quality research in economic, management, and development studies.

The seeds of Managing African Research Network were planted by Professor John Kuada during the 5th Aalborg University Conference whose theme was Finding Solutions to the New Challenges of Internationalization held at Comwell Rebild Bakker, Aalborg-Denmark 4-6 June 2014. It was agreed by the inaugural group that there is lack of research on Africa made by African researchers. It was also agreed that it is important to strengthen research capacities and North-South partnerships.

In particular, the network will serve as a meeting and communication forum for all its subscribers resident in Africa and elsewhere. It is a network for exchange of knowledge on an international level and constitutes machinery allowing for a better dissemination of information on research, teaching and outreach. The network also aims at the development of relations with all other professional and research-oriented networks that are active in the field of economics, management and development.

Managing African Research Network Vision: Leading catalyst for Africa research,
publication and application.

Managing African Research Network Mission: facilitate research, publish scholarly articles, and stimulate creativity, innovation and application in Africa based organisations to foster socio economic change for the betterment of all.

Guiding Philosophy

  • None of us is greater than all of us.
  • I am because we are; I can only be a person through others.
  • Each of us needs all of us.
  • An injury to one is an injury to all of us.
  • Mutual respect is important because my humanity is bound up with yours.
  • The whole affects the part as much as the part a
  • fects the whole.

Operating Principles

As a result of our guiding philosophy we will:

      • Be open and honest.

Respect confidentiality.

      • Manage agreements.
      • Maintain a supportive environment.
      • Be self-monitoring.
      • Hold a proper attitude for learning. (We believe no man or woman has monopoly of knowledge and wisdom. We are all specialists in some areas, generalists in others and very ignorant in yet other areas. We are therefore prepared to learn from any individual or situation).
      • Maintain a 1% possibility i.e. even if I think I am almost 100 % sure I am right on this view, issue etc. I give myself 1 % possibility I could be wrong and therefore I am prepared to listen to the other viewpoints from my colleague/s and other interested parties.
      • Listen in order to be listened to.
      • Work as a team.
      • Avoid unhealthy competition but engage in fruitful cooperation.
      • Avoid jumping to conclusions without hearing all the facts.
      • Avoid assumptions but get the facts.
      • Build on each other’s ideas.
      • Strive for fairness and excellence.
      • Do what we promised we will do and therefore build our integrity.
      • Be faithful to our promises.
      • Ask if unclear and seek help if we need it.