More specifically, mRAN aims at:

  • Bringing together myriad of nations, cultures, universities and disciplines to discuss, organize, and publish issues on Africa’s development.Providing forum for exchange of ideas among scholars interested in Africa and development in Africa’s economies.
  • Applying research findings and contribution to the understanding of Africa’s development through professional seminars, conferences, public seminars etc.
  • Conducting a series of joint publications (books and articles etc.).
  • Serving as the core communication network for disseminating information and promoting international exchange in the field of management, economic and development studies.
  • Fostering inter-disciplinary interactions amongst senior and junior scholars through among others, joint publications.
  • As a virtual grouping, mRAN will share knowledge and encourage its members in their research endeavours. making visible the network’s research outputs as top priority in order to benefit from them and build on them.
  • Developing deliberate strategies to grow in numbers so as to extend the outreach of research outputs of its members.

In order to achieve these aims, the network has a mandate to:

  • Develop an agenda of research topics.
  • Foster a broader variety of methodological approaches and research issues in members’ fields of specialization and encourage cross fertilization between approaches.Support young researchers in the network and promote the development of high-level international teaching and research network.
  • Provide publication outlets for high quality research.
  • Provide a forum for research presentations.